The instrument in Nowy Sacz, which is located south of Krakow, is our first organ in Poland.
We won an international request for proposals.The project was initiated and supervised by Prof. Ireneusz Wyrwa from Warsaw.
On january 30th 2016, Prof. Wyrwa introduced the Instrument with all is facets to visitors and to the congregation. The exclusive concert program guided from Bach to contemporary music. The bishop Stanislaw Salaterski held an inauguration ceremony and the organ was placed into service of the congregation
The design of the organ is oriented by former instruments of Friedrich Walcker. Mainly the instrument in Hoffenheim (1846, Opus 62) can been seen as a „goodfather”. Model for the free reed Physharmonika with its own manual is the instrument in Schramberg (1844, Opus 46).
We did not seek for a detailed reconstruction, so the second manual is positioned in a swell box. Also we use traverse couplers, facilities for manual- and stop action and a tonal range to c”” / g’ which excel the historic examples. Because of the constricted room and especially hight circumstances of the west loft, the instrument is built with mechanical slider chests instead of cone chests. The pipe ranks are built using Walcker characteristics.
We thank for the good cooperation with the municipality, priest Dr. Jan Siedlarz and Dr. Ireneusz Wyrwa.

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Bourdon   16'
Principal   8'
Floete   8'
Gedekt   8'
Viola da Gamba   8'
Octav   4'
Rohrfloete   4'
Traversfloete   4'
Quint   2 2/3'
Octav   2'
Mixtur 5-fach   2'
Trompete   8'
Principal   8'
Lieblich Gedeckt   8'
Salicional   8'
Harmonika   8'
Fugara   4'
Flûte d‘amour   4'
Nasard   2 2/3'
Flautino   2'
Terz   1 3/5'
Clarinette   8'
Physharmonica   8'
SubBass   16'
ViolonBass   16'
OktavBass   8'
VioloncellBass   8'
FloetenBass   4'
PosaunenBass   16'
TrompetenBass   8'

Koppeln mechanisch:
II/I, III/I, III/II, I/Ped , II/Ped , III/Ped, II/II 16‘, II/II 4‘, II/P 4‘
Clarinette durchschlagend
Physharmonika mit Windschweller über Schwelltritt, durchschlagend
TrompetenBass 8‘ Auszugsregister aus PosaunenBass 16‘
Freistehender Spieltisch
Mechanische Spieltraktur
Duale Registerbetätigung mit Setzeranlage
Schweller und Walze auch als mechanische Handzüge für Registrant
Orgelsachverständiger Prof. Ireneusz Wyrwa, Warschau