In 1882 a Marcussen organ was inaugurated in Saint Johannis whose beauty of sound met with great approval. However, on account of the scanty space offer the instrument was built clearly smaller as one would have preferred for the imposing church space. After several extending rebuildings and a new building in the 1970s with electric action, only about the half of the original pipes were preserved.
The works that are going to be accomplished by our workshop intend to keep the tonal basis in the arrangement of 1882 with the available, restored pipes. We will create a new organ with mecanical action behind the historical case.
Because the Marcussen organ was felt as too small dimensioned, immediately after its construction, no strict reconstruction is aimed, but an image of 1882 with sensible enlargements within the given stylistics. Among the rest, thus a new Swell will find place in the tower space situated behind the organ. Also the equipment in play and stop support will be more than historical Marcussen arrangement offered. Also the instrument is going to be equipped with Midi connection.
The project is examined by Hans-Martin KMD Petersen as an organ expert.

Bourdon   16'
Principal   8'
Viola da Gamba   8'
Flûte harmonique   8'
Gedackt   8'
Octav   4'
Rohrflöte   4'
Quinte   2 2/3'
Octav   2'
Cornett 3-fach   2 2/3'
Mixtur major   2'
Trompete   8'
Gedackt   16'
Corno di bassetti   8'
Fugara   8'
Rohrflöte   8'
Flaute amabile   8'
Aeoline   8'
Gambette   4'
Flöte   4'
Cornettino   2 2/3'
Flautino   2'
Mixtur minor   2'
Englischhorn   8'
Salicional   16'
Geigenprincipal   8'
Koncertflöte   8'
Bourdon   8'
Salicional   8'
Voix céleste   8'
Fugara   4'
Traversflöte   4'
Nasat   2 2/3'
Flagolett   2'
Terz   1 3/5'
Fourniture 4-5 fach   2 2/3'
Fagott   16'
Trompette harm.   8'
Oboe   8'
Clairon   4'
Untersatz 3 32'
Principal   16'
Violon   16'
Salicet 1 16'
Subbass   16'
Principal   8'
Cello 3 8'
Gedackt   8'
Octav   4'
Posaune   16'
Fagott 1 16'
Trompete   8'
Clarine 3 4'
Clarinett   8'
Bassclarinett 3 16'
Windschweller-Clarinett 2

1 Elektr. Transm. aus SW 16‘

2 Windschweller für HW/P, POS, SW steuerbar über 2. Schwelltritt

3 (Deutsch) Extension

Koppeln mechanisch: Bedienung Zug und Piston in Wechselwirkung
I/Ped , II/Ped , III/Ped, II/I, III/I, III/II, die Manualkoppeln sind einzeln auf elektrisch umschaltbar
Quer-Koppeln elektrisch: Bedienung über Registerzug II/P 4‘, III/P 4‘,
Quer-Koppeln elektrisch: Bedienung über Leuchtdrucktaster in einer Schublade III/III 16‘, III/III 4‘, III/II 16, III/II 4‘,
III/I 16, III/I 4‘, II/II 16‘, II/II 4‘, II/I 16‘, II/I 4‘
Sub-Ausbau bei gezogenem 8‘-Register in Man. II+III über labiales
16‘-Register, 16’-Ausbau über frei programmierbare Koppel möglich. Frei programmierbare Koppeln über elektronische
MIDI-In und -Out in allen Manualwerken und Pedal Crescendo umschaltbar zw. Walze und 2. Schwelltritt, Zungenstimmfernbedienung,
Sostenuto in Manual und Pedal, Aufnahme- und Abspielgerät mit Fernbedienung